Current Members

Ashritha Karuturi

IMSA Class of 2018; Hello, I'm Ashritha! I'm an eleMENT facilitator and fell in love with entrepreneurship my sophomore year through joining eleMENT. I'm also a Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) facilitator and an intern at Some of my other passions include bharatanatyam, TaeKwonDo, and sleeping!


Charlie Hultquist

IMSA Class of 2018; Hey! Hi, I'm Charlie! I work as a facilitator with eleMENT, developing and teaching curriculum. I interested in education, and I’m part of other teaching programs like Allies. When not in school or working with these programs, I can probably be found painting, swimming, or working on INSPIRE, an entreprenuerial venture about speaking education.


Hunter Welch

IMSA Class of 2019; Bonjour! I am Hunter and I’m an eleMENTor this year! Outside of eleMENT, I am also a LEAD facilitator and 04 C-Wing Guide! If you ever need to find me I’m probably hanging with my friends. If you have any questions about eleMENT or life in general, feel free to try to find me or here's my email


Madi Mazzorana

IMSA Class of 2019; Hi, I'm Madi, an eleMENTor. Outside of eleMENT, I am also involved in IMSA's TALENT program, girls who code, as well as INSPIRE, where I teach young children public speaking skills! My passions include biology and computer science (as well as entrepreneurship). Beyond school and extracurriculars I play soccer, enjoy drinking coffee, and travel as frequently as possible! Wanna talk more? Shoot me an e-mail!


Suraj Sunkara

IMSA Class of 2019; Wassup! I'm Suraj and I'm a Junior eleMENTor. Besides entrepreneurship, I love biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, history and basically everything! I am also involved in ALLIES, JCC, and I'm a Wing Guide. If you got anything to ask me, hit me up in 04D Up Quad or at my email!


Eden Gorevoy

IMSA Class of 2019; Hello! I’m Eden and I’m an eleMENTor this year! Outside of eleMENT, I’m a member of IMSA’s speech team and the Allies program. If I’m not working on something for school/one of those clubs, I’m probably playing guitar, playing video games or looking at pictures of my pet cat. Comments? Questions? Concerns? Contact me at my email!



Puja Mittal, Co-Founder and Head eleMENTor

IMSA Class of 2015; Since co-founding the program in 2013, Puja has taken the program to new heights with entirely redeveloped curriculum and a board made up of former eleMENT students.


Alumni Members

Nick Rodriguez, Former Student and eleMENT Board

IMSA Class of 2016; After an inspirational week in Silicon Valley, Nick joined eleMENT and is taking the initiative to plan for the future of the program.


Ben Cooper, Former Student and eleMENT Board

IMSA Class of 2016; Having been one of the first interested students, Ben has become an excellent facilitator in turn and is developing curriculum for external programs.


David Xu, Former Student and eleMENT Board

IMSA Class of 2016; Also one of the first to show interest, David applied his learnings in TALENT's Power Pitch, placing in the final round with a 3D printed cell-phone case.


Vainius Normantas, Former Student and eleMENT Board

IMSA Class of 2017; Hi there! My name is pronounced vein-knee-is, I was the head eleMENTor in the 2016-17 school year, and I absolutely love teaching entrepreneurship. I strived for constant improvement in our program so that the eleMENT team could deliver the most valuable education. I'm also a big fan of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and mangosteen. Got questions? Feel free to email me!


Evan Sun, Former Student and eleMENT Board

IMSA Class of 2017; Hello! Unlike Vainius, my name isn't that hard to pronounce. Coming into IMSA, I had no idea what I planned to do in life. I decided to join eleMENT on a whim, and that was when I got introduced to entrepreneurship. Right now, I aspire to pursue biomedical entrepreneurship, taking scientific innovations in academia and spinning them off into companies that can improve the lives of others. While I wasn't writing curriculum for eleMENT or maintaining the website, you could find me working on my 3D printer, playing competitive pokemon, or cooking new dishes. Hit me up if you want to talk more!


Becca Lisk, Former Student and eleMENT Board

IMSA Class of 2017; Hi, I'm Rebecca. Outside of eleMENT, I was a Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) facilitator, Exodus tutor, and crossword puzzle enthusiast. I'm planning on studying computer science or statistics with a focus on computational biology, but I'm also strongly considering Russian and linguistics (and will probably change my major a few times before I settle on one!). I'm also into learning about entrepreneurship and electrochemistry, eating Thai food, and biking (though usually not at the same time). Shoot me an email!